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US Environmental Protection Agency: Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)

“Release Detection for Underground Storage Tanks and Piping: Straight Talk on Tanks”

This booklet provides easy-to-understand descriptions of several release detection methods for tanks and piping, as well as explanations of the regulatory requirements for release detection. Release detection methods include: secondary containment with interstitial monitoring, automatic tank gauging, continuous in-tank leak detection, statistical inventory reconciliation, tank tightness testing with inventory control, manual tank gauging, groundwater monitoring, vapor monitoring, and release detection for underground piping.

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“Musts for USTs”

This 36-page booklet summarizes federal UST requirements for installation, reporting, spill and overfill prevention, corrosion protection, release detection, walkthrough inspections, compatibility, operator training, repairs, financial responsibility, release response, and closure.

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North Carolina DEQ: Underground Storage Tank Section

New Requirements North Carolina’s Updated UST Regulations
Procedures for Placing UST Systems in Temporary Closure & Returning them to Service
Leak Detection Methods for Petroleum Underground Storage Tanks and Piping
Emergency Generator UST system leak detection requirements
Preparing for an Underground Storage Tank Inspection
NC UST Forms

South Carolina DHEC: Underground Storage Tanks

An Owner/Operator’s Implementation Guide: Current and May 26, 2020 New Requirements
Underground Storage Tanks – Regulatory Compliance Section Forms

Virginia DEQ: Underground Storage Tanks

UST Compliance Assistance
Underground Storage Tanks: Technical Standards and Corrective Action Requirements
Virginia DEQ: Guidance & Regulations

TN Department of Environment & Conservation: Underground Storage Tanks

TN UST Forms & Guidance
TN Compliance & Inspections

WV Department of Environmental Protection: Underground Storage Tanks

UST Documents and Forms
Compliance Guidance


Georgia Environmental Protection Division UST Homepage

UST Forms
Underground Storage Tank Technical Guidance
Implementation Guidelines for New Requirements


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